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I offer legal services that combine legal expertise with an innovative concept of my competencies.



Take a look at my essays in german language in the area of ​​"Public Procurement Law" and the opinions I have drawn up.



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Curriculum vitae

Many years of experience as a specialist lawyer

Welcome to my website. I hope you find a lot of useful information here. The quality of my services plays an important role for me.

You are also welcome to visit my profiles on the platforms for online legal advice "123recht", "JuraForum" and"yourXpert" in order to transparently convince yourself of the quality of my legal services.

My legal advice is published there and is accessible to everyone and is regularly rated by clients!

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Areas of law

Fields of activity I practice

The focus is in particular on the legal areas of procurement law, grant and subsidy law, grant award law, administrative law, labor law, IT law, sports law and contract law.

Grant allocation law

For recipients, givers and other practitioners

With the website and the blog "grant award law" ("Zuwendungsvergaberecht") I would like to create a contact point that has to do specifically with the cross-sectional matter of the grant award law, i.e. the award law for grants. It should not only serve as support for long-term and experienced practitioners, but also to provide information for employees in the funding administration who only want to or have to familiarize themselves with the complex and diverse subject for a short time.

In particular, with my own posts in the blog, the members' forum and the information on a wide range of reading recommendations in grant award law, I would like to encourage an exchange on the problem areas of award law for grants in practice.