Chancellery Pilarski

Legal representation

If your legal problem cannot be solved with legal advice in the form of the initial consultation, I am of course available to you at any time as part of the legal representation. Here, of course, I offer you to offset the initial consultation fee against my further remuneration in the form of out-of-court legal representation. Regardless of whether in the form of extrajudicial or judicial representation - only your interests are in the foreground!

I would be happy to represent you in particular at the following courts:

  • District court of Achim
  • District court of Bremen
  • District court rt of Celle
  • District court of Diepholz
  • District court of Hanover
  • District court of Neustadt a.Rbge.
  • District court of Nienburg/Weser
  • District court of Stadthagen
  • District court of Stolzenau
  • District court of Sulingen
  • District court of Syke
  • District court of Verden/Aller
  • State court of Bremen
  • State court of Hanover
  • State court of Verden/Aller
  • Higher state court of Celle
  • Labor court Celle
  • Labor court Hanover
  • Labor court Lüneburg
  • Labor court Nienburg/Weser
  • Labor court Verden/Aller
  • State labor court Hanover
  • Administrative court of Hanover
  • Administrative court of Lüneburg
  • Administrative court of Stade
  • Higher administrative court of Lüneburg
  • Federal labor court
  • Federal social court
  • Federal administrative court
  • Federal constitutional court